Commitment to environmental protection

Turka boasts a long-standing culture of environmental protection.From the attitudes of our employess to our production lines.

Wooden pallets:

In Turka, we avoid all use of plastic pallets. In fact, most of our pallets are wooden and many second hand. This is because

- Wooden pallets are often treated with heat, which eliminates the need for fungicides and other toxins that may harm and contaminate the environment.

- Wooden pallets reduce waste as they can be used multiple times.

- Their manufacture does not require the felling of trees as most are made with wood that has been discarded or previously used.

Sorting of waste:

All waste across our production sites is sorted into the relevant streams in an attempt to increase recycling and create a cleaner environment.

Turka as an active member of society:

Providing aid for young people and associations

At Turka, we are all about building a better community. We support young people, students, associations, and charities in a number of ways. We know we cannot change the world alone, but we can do something to make a positive difference.