We care about our ingredients:

Supplier selection is not determined by cost, but by quality. Our in-depth selection process ensures that we work with suppliers who not only demonstrate consistently high quality, but who respect the environment and produce locally. The freshness of the natural wheat in every tortilla ensures that traditional taste.

We are modern:

Our modern machinery ensures a speedy production process, and the consistent high quality our consumers are accustomed to.

We are near you:

With production sites currently in Poland and Spain, and soon in a third Mediterranean site, international demand for our products continues to grow. Despite being one of the biggest tortilla makers in the world, with a production capacity of more than two million tortillas per day, we want to make sure we are never too far away.

We respect your food diet:

Suitable for all diets requirement, our tortillas are all high in protein, low in gluten, and vegan and Halal certified. We also offer palm oil free alternatives and tortillas with less preservatives using nitrogen packaging technology. Our 100% freshly frozen tortillas, with 0% preservatives, allow customers to enjoy our product for over a year.

We offer the best quality/price ratio in the world tortilla market:

To succeed in our mission of producing top quality tortillas globally at the best prices we follow three key principles:

- Maintaining low transport costs by building production plants in several strategic locations,

- Encouraging local production of quality ingredients,

- Investing in some supplier companies to reduce the cost of raw materials.

We deliver quickly:

At Turka, we ensure a fast and effective delivery of our product. Increased demands have been met with increased production capacity to avoid any delays. Our experienced logistics team manage 2000m2 warehouses, which are used flexibly to maintain consistently fast delivery times. Across Europe, the Turka operational system has the fastest proven track record compared to its European counterparts.

We are real people, not just a company:

Each of our customers has a close working relationship with our sales team members. In order to meet our clients’ requests and expectations we listen to their needs and work with them and not just for them. Each individual customer is a key partner who we support 7 days a week to ensure their satisfaction.

We are always here for you:

Delivery of goods is not the end of our customer relationship. Operating in more than 12 languages, our sales representatives follow each order through until even after delivery. We continuously seek feedback and suggestions to improve our service and stay at the top of the market.